Have you heard about our Proposal Service?

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For over 30 years we have been helping Ladies and Gents find their perfect engagement ring. We would talk them through their options and help them choose the right ring for their loved one. Some come with very strong ideas of what they/their partner wanted….and some were not so confident. It’s a very very tough decision and the pressure is most certainly on to get it right!

There is always an element of nerves. The pressure to pick the perfect ring can sometimes be too much and they are trapped in store, rooted to the spot with indecision. In a way, this ruins the moment for the ‘proposer’. They want, so much, to choose the right ring. They want to surprise their beloved, but they are so desperate not to get it wrong that they have a stressful time making that all important decision.

So, what is the alternative? Well, some couples come in together and go through the whole process together- but what about the proposal or that element of surprise? Is there a way of ticking all the boxes?

Around 12 years ago we recognised that there was a need for another option. So, we launched our Proposal Ring Service.

The ‘proposer’ can come in store and choose an option that retains all the surprise and romance required to sweep their sweetheart off their feet, without any of the stress of getting the ring wrong.

They simply take away with them our Proposal  Service Ring- a beautiful silver, solitaire ring. This ring, comes in an impressive Wharton’s ring box, which can be presented at any moment of the ‘proposers’ choosing. The proposal then unfolds, just as everyone has always wished it would be. The temporary ring is offered as a token of this wonderful moment, but the joy of the proposal is far from over.


We warmly welcome the couple back and talk them through all the options on offer for that all important ‘real’ engagement ring. At the point of ordering our Proposal Ring Service the ‘proposer’ shares with us their budget and we only present rings on their return that are within this, so they can both shop in the confidence that everything being presented is affordable.

We then shower our couple with many other treats on the day to ensure that this is one occasion that they won’t forget. We kick off their wedding process in style.

So, there you have it. All the romance without any of the stress of getting it wrong! And, more importantly, it’s an experience that both parties can look forward to. A day that they can dream about together.

At Wharton Goldsmith this service costs just £125.00 and we’ll refund you this cost off the price off your final ring.

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