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Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald Engagement Rings

With the gemstone symbolising growth, harmony and eternity Emerald engagement rings are a sophisticated choice for making a striking statement of love. The vibrant colour and unique aesthetic is enhanced by the eye-catching size and cut of the stone. Our master goldsmiths at Wharton select only the very finest emeralds ensuring stunning colour clarity and vividity.  


Emerald engagement rings designed by Christopher Wharton offer a unique look and a sensational alternative to more traditional diamond designs. This choice of gemstone provided one of the most famous engagement rings examples with Jackie Kennedy’s iconic Emerald, Diamond and gold combination.   


The simple yet compelling aesthetic of the gemstone can be showcased and complimented by shoulder stones which contrast and enhance the natural shimmer that Emerald offers. Our highly knowledgeable team are on hand at each step of your selection process to help you find the perfect engagement ring.

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