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TW Steel

TW Steel
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TW Steel

Wharton Goldsmith stocks a great range of men's and women's TW Steel watches for you to choose from.

Standing for “The Watch in the Steel”, TW Steel have come a long way since their beginnings in 2005. The company started life as a small father and son business between Ton and Jordy Cobelens in The Netherlands with just four designs or models. They launched themselves through distribution channel SWICO Ltd in 2007 and launched an online business sin 2008. Quickly establishing that their brand was one which spoke to the everyman and could be used for occasion as well as every day wear, it would not be long until TW Steel became a brand to be reckoned with.  They offer a unique appeal which speaks to those who adore timeless classics and those who adore bold design, fusing the best elements of each to create an individual and unparalleled lifestyle design. At the heart of each design are the core values of the original founders and which remain to this day.  Every watch produced by the brand is produced to Swiss standards and crafted from top grade stainless steel. What’s more, it is Japanese technology which provides the accuracy which customers demand. Putting their values of design quality, individuality, boldness and affordability at the heart of everything they do and produce is just one of the reasons why TW Steel have re-written many of the rules of watchmaking.

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