Following an initial consultation, your designer will pull together a series of rough sketches to provide information for the next steps in the design process.

The sketches are then refined into far more detailed, accurate drawings giving consideration to different aspects of the design like dimensions, stone shape and size, and the type of setting.


Whilst we favour traditional technique, we also utilise the latest in modern technology.  To make designs come to life as perfectly as possible we use Computer Aided Design.

It allows us to work wonders with your ideas and to agree a perfect design before the metal and gemstones have even been purchased.

When details are finalised a prototype is created. This allows you to get a proper feel for the piece and allows us to further adjust and modify the look in three dimensional form.

Once the prototype has passed our strict quality guidelines, the design is brought to life in your chosen material. The stones are set and the piece is polished.


With 70 years experience, you can trust Wharton Goldsmith to undertake your commissions with the care and respect they deserve.

Members of the National Association of Goldsmiths and the British Jewellers Association, we pride ourselves on ensuring the highest standards of craftmanship at all stages of production from the original design to the traditional hand-making of the jewellery in our workshop.

Think of the Wharton Family and you think of Jewellery design, its intrinsic to their lives and has been for generations. Christopher’s early interest in Jewellery was nurtured as he observed his father, Alan Corrie Wharton working as a respected watchmaker and jeweler.  It was at his father’s business in St.Albans that he begin designing and making Jewelleryafter having completed his bench training with a leading London goldsmith and designer.Having enjoyed twelve consecutive years of design awards from the Diamond Trading Company or de Beers as it was then, Chris built his reputation through selling his original designs to jewellery retailers throughout the UK. Christopher’s creative flair and eye for detail is undeniable; he creates elegant, classic pieces which hold a place in his clients’ hearts as well as their jewellery collection – creating handmade forever pieces and future heirlooms. From intricate to the simply beautiful, Christopher’s design style is flawless and can be worn anywhere.  His business has been creating special moments for his clients for over 50 years, taking his fathers’ legacy as a jeweller to future generations.  


Just as his father and his grandfather before him, Sams love for design and jewellery was in his blood, a family passion which has been passed down from father to son for 3 generations. After studying ‘Jewellery making, Silversmithing and Art & Design’ at Sir John Cass University in Aldgate, Sam returned to the family business to complete his apprenticeship in their St Albans Workshop; learning from Master Goldsmiths and well-established expert craftsman. With this incredible experience he then headed to the West Ends jewellery quarter working at Boodles and David Morris to cement his craft at the very top end of the jewellery retail market.   In 2000 he was given the role of Director of Wharton Goldsmiths and his passion evolved, taking on Cad Design to create high end bespoke pieces and specialising in sourcing beautiful precious stones. Together the father and Son team have worked together to create the wonderful individual business it is today – a family jewellers where the knowledge and experience of generations combines to create contemporary to beautifully traditional pieces.



When it comes to selecting the stones for your design you may be looking for something a little unusual. If that is the case we can help you source it.  Do not feel you are limited to diamonds - there is a whole world of gorgeous gems to choose from.

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Contrary to what you may believe, bespoke is actually an affordable option. Whilst the idea of commissioning a piece of jewellery sounds very expensive, the reality is you really can spend as much or as little as you want.  With a bespoke design, we can create something to your budget and this can be monitored throughout.

Additionally, Wharton Goldsmith offer flexible payment options to make the service more accessible. For more on our finance options, click here or call us on 01727 859489 for an informal chat.