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Creators of Beautiful Jewellery

Welcome to the workshops of Christopher Wharton Goldsmith - where artistry and craftsmanship combine.

We have been designing and creating beautiful jewellery in our own workshops for over 30 years and have one of the most experienced and highly regarded teams of specialist Goldsmiths in the UK.

Traditional craftsmanship and modern styling combine to produce a genuinely exclusive collection of Wharton designed pieces each as individual as their lucky recipient.

But it’s our ablility to create beautiful jewellery from start to finish in-house which seperates us from other jewellers;

“It’s rare these days to be able to offer a complete personal service that encompasses tradtional craftmanship with modern design and the flexibility to be able to work with Christopher or one of our designers to achieve your unique piece of jewellery. So much these days is imported from the Far East and India or manufactured using generic mounts. This is not our style.

Our Goldsmiths can create anything from Tiaras to Teaspoons and all on site. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in one of our showrooms or just love certain elements of a design we can sketch out your version and even show you collections of loose stones which can be set up in wax whilst you sip on a double espresso or even, if you are in the mood, a glass of champagne.”

You can trust us to look after every detail. One of our dedicated Goldsmiths will look after your piece from design conception to the final polish.

Attention to detail and the highest standards set Christopher Wharton Goldsmith apart from most other jewellers.

Our branded ‘Wharton’ product of rings and jewellery are showcased in stockists throughout the UK.

Visit our workshops in St Albans and see for yourself, spend time with us and discover what makes the Wharton experience so special!