Ruby Engagement Rings

Our inspiring range of Ruby Engagement rings showcases the beautiful essence and natural characteristics of the highly revered and sought after precious stone. With the deep rouge glow symbolising love, the pure Ruby glow makes for truly luxurious and eye-catching choice.

Set amongst the classic shimmer of diamonds, our Ruby engagement ring designs utilise only the very finest stones which are carefully selected for colour, tone and vibrancy by our master jewellers.

Epitomising romance, our elegant and timeless Ruby designs inspire passion and are a bold and individualistic alternative to traditional diamond rings. Choose from our handcrafted ready to wear selection, or create a unique bespoke design with our master craftsmen. Make an appointment to choose from a selection of exquisite loose stones and begin to create the Ruby engagement ring that’s just right for you.

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Ruby (red Corundum) is really red sapphire and has all the same properties as sapphires apart from colour.  However because of its beauty and individuality it has always been known as Ruby, a stone on its own.


From the most sought after colours such as Pigeon Blood Red (the term applied to the most highly saturated colour and natural red fluorescence possible in a ruby) often from Burma, right down to lower grade pinky purple reds, ruby has a warmth and allure that other gemstones lack.  Many rubies can have excellent colour but are internally opaque which greatly reduces their value.  Many opaque stones are cut to form cabochons.   Star Rubies are formed when needles of Rutile exists within the stone.  This causes an ‘Asterism’ like a 6 or 12 pointed star on the surface, most of these are opaque with very few that are transparent which makes them extremely valuable.  The colour in Ruby is formed by the presence of Chromium which can also cause a stone to fluoresce.


Like Sapphire, Ruby can exhibit colour zoning where richer and lighter colour can be viewed from different angles.  The most valuable rubies generally come from Burma whilst Thailand produces much more ruby of commercial quality often a more reddy brown in colour.  As with sapphires many Rubies are heat treated in the traditional manner making untreated gem quality ruby far more valuable.