Sapphire Engagement Rings

With the gem symbolising commitment, romance and truth, Sapphire engagement rings are an enduringly popular symbol for expressing love. Traditionally associated with luxury, their desirability and reputation have been further enhanced by Kate Middleton famously wearing the world’s most famous example of the vibrant gemstone.

Whilst rich and vivid blue tone is usually associated with sapphire, it can also be found in a stunning selection of shades and colours including eye-catching Pink options. Available set in a variety of different metals with a range of cuts, Sapphire engagement rings allows for true individualism to perfectly suit any taste.


Each stone is carefully selected by our master jewellers and incorporated into original Wharton designs to create the very finest results. Find out more about our bespoke jewellery service or contact us about one of a kind engagement ring design

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Sapphires (Corundum) can be mesmerising with beautiful deep royal blues to vibrant pinks, yellows, greens, purples and orange colours with lots inbetween such as bicolour stones which can be blue in one light and purple in another.  Major sources of sapphire are SriLanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar, Tanzania and Australia.  Typically found in igneous rocks large crystals of minerals formed as they cooled down and the more slowly the magma cooled the larger the sapphires would be.


The different colours are created when different mineral concentrations are present in the rocks.  The presence of iron makes the sapphire take on a yellow colour whilst Vanadium makes them purple and Titanium for blue stones.  No two sapphires are the same, each stone having its own natural fingerprint.  Most sapphires have natural inclusions within them – indeed sapphires without inclusions are extremely rare and valuable.


Heat treatment is applied to most Sapphires to improve colour – it is permanent and a traditional treatment in the industry.  Unheated stones (i.e. totally natural) tend to be much more expensive than heat treated ones and are normally certified as ‘natural unheated Sapphire’.


Sapphire is extremely hard as a gemstone at 9 on the MOH scale which makes it ideal for a dress or engagement ring where considerable wear is anticipated.


Sapphire mining in areas like Sri Lanka and Madagascar is largely open cast in pits where the miners just dig down to expose the gem bearing rocks whilst larger deeper mines can be found in places like Australia and Thailand.