Sell My Diamond Brokerage Service

What You Need To Know

This LONG TERM consignment service can take up to 12 months & costs from just £100 upfront plus an agreed additional commission payable at the point of sale. 

If your jewellery is of sufficient quality, style and condition we will endeavour to achieve the best possible second hand retail prices, which means that you could  receive more than would be obtained by selling at auction or through the trade. A remounting service is also available to modernise older or less saleable pieces.

Our commission is a fixed percentage of the proceeds, agreed before sale and does not vary regardless of sale price. 

The jewellery will be displayed in our showroom and advertised on the website as well as other media channels.  All of your jewellery and watches will be fully insured whilst on our premises.

Commission Rates

Commission Rates are as follows and are subject to 20% VAT

  • £0.00    to  £1000     48%
  • £1001   to  £2000     45%
  • £2001   to  £3000     40%
  • £3001   to  £4000     35%
  • £4001   to  £5000     30%
  • £5001   to  £6000     25%
  • £6001   to  £7000     22%
  • £7001   to  £8000     20%
  • £8001   to  £9000     19%
  • £9001   to  £10000   18%
  • £10001  to £20000  15%
  • £20001  to £30000  14%
  • £30001  to £40000  13%
  • £40001  to £50000  12%


Long Term Consignment T's & C's

 1.      The initial upfront fee covers:

a.       A check, clean and polish (additional work to make saleable will be advised and would be chargeable)

b.      An independent NAJ valuers pre-sale report - This is converted to a full NAJ valuation and posted to the private buyer at point of sale

c.       Professional photography

d.      Administration, including the listing on, social media & other online sales channels

e.       Showroom display

2.      All items must be of a saleable standard, any work required would need advance settlement.

3.      Sale price, minimum sale price & commission are set on completion of NAJ report

4.      The agreed commission fee will be deducted from the final sale price and is subject to 20% VAT.

5.      Additional costs incurred for advertising via other on-line sales channels will be deducted from the sale proceeds before commission applied.

6.      All owners jewellery left with CWG for sale will be covered by the company’s jewellery block insurance policy for theft and/or damage.

7.      We cannot guarantee the sale of the owner’s item(s) within the 6-12 months period.

8.      In the event the item does not sell within the 6-12 month period the owner is fully entitled to take back possession of their item. The owner is also entitled to the NAJ Report and professional images taken.

9.      The seller is fully entitled to take back possession of their item before the agreed term but will not be entitled to any refund of upfront costs, the NAJ report or images taken.

10.  Any cash offer made by a private buyer that is less than the minimum sale price will be referred to the owner for their approval before the sale is accepted.

This QUICK SALE service takes 1–3 days with no upfront cost.  We will either buy your item outright or negotiate on your behalf by offering the diamond or precious stones to our trade buyers and recycle the gold or other precious metal to give you the best possible price.

There are no upfront costs or obligations for this service. We will either buy your item outright or just negotiate the best price on your behalf via our trade network.