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Discover the L'Amour Crisscut Diamond

The Crisscut diamond is a patented cut that has been technically reengineered  in proportion and faceting to maximise and effectively optimize light performance, we call it precicion crafted briliance!

A L'Amour Crisscut diamond answers a couple's three top wishes when looking for an engagement ring.

SHAPE: The L'Amour Crisscut diamonds come in 4 shapes: Classic, Oval, Pear and Cushion

SIZE: The "broader"  cut of the L'Amour Crisscut diamond augments the visual dimensions at the top by eliminating "the iceberg factor" - when costly weight is hidden under the "girdle" of the diamond where no one will see it. Instead, the weight is distributed to the top, giving the look of a diamond that appears 30% - 60% larger (depending upon shape) than traditional cut diamonds.

BRILLIANCE:  The way a diamond reflects and refracts light determines its beauty. As proven by a Gemex viewer, which scientifically measures the play of light in a diamond, a L'Amour Crisscut diamond provides enhanced brilliance and fire. Additionally the cut provides more even scintillation and, on Oval and pear shapes, no bowtie (dark area) effect.

Additionally, a L'Amour Crisscut diamond expresses a couple's individuality and uniqueness.