We would be happy to value your jewellery and this is the typical procedure:


Our valuer comes on Thursdays (except the last one in the month). We're never sure of his timings as it depends on his visits before us and how long that would take, but generally he's here late morning. To be sure to catch him we normally suggest dropping your items in to us the day before (they remain in our safe and are fully insured). However if you're not comfortable with that please bring them in first thing. It's always worth a phone call on the Wednesday just to be sure he will be coming in (his work can overlap by a day so occasionally he comes on the Friday).


You can collect the jewellery the same day, late pm and we take payment at this point. Photographs are automatically included in the valuation report which will be posted to you a few days after the appraisal.


Prices are on a sliding scale but as an example they begin at £85.00 for a total value of less than £2,000 and go up to £250 for a total of £10,000, then £25 per £,1000 after that. For very large value items the valuer will agree a fixed fee.